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Is He Cheating? Signs He Is Cheating

Although it's true to a certain degree that all men are inclined to cheat, most will resist the temptation and remain faithful to their spouses. Do you trust your husband to never stray or do you think he's cheating on you?

Is he cheating?

Sure you may be seeing signs he is cheating, and he may be having and affair, but he may very well be innocent, so before you do anything rash you need to know - is he cheating or is he faithful?

If he's been completely faithful to you all this time and you accuse him of having an affair with another woman it's going to cause a serious strain in your relationship.

You don't want to make unjustified accusations, but what if he is cheating? You can't just hide your head in the sand an pretend it's not happening, you need to know about it and do something about it.

Is he cheating or not? You need to find that out before you can do anything else.

Here's the problem - most of the signs he is cheating can mean that he's having an affair, or they can be due to factors that have absolutely nothing to do with infidelity. These are just a few examples.

Signs he is cheating.

You notice that he's talking about what would happen if the two of you broke up.

His conversations run along these lines:

  • If we ever did get a divorce I'm sure we'd be able to part ways on a friendly basis.
  • Do you ever fantasize about being single and free again?
  • Sometimes I wonder if you are really happy here with me.
  • Have you ever considered a trial separation?

He may be hoping you want a divorce as well, and that you will give him an easy way out.

He could also be worried that you don't love him anymore and are thinking about leaving you.

It could be that someone at work just found out his wife wants a divorce, and he's scared the same may happen to him.

Maybe you've said or did something that makes him think you are being unfaithful, and want out of the relationship.

He may have noticed that more and more of your friends are getting divorced and is worried the trend is going to come to your marriage.

Aways finding excuses to leave the house.'

It's possible that he's seeing another woman.

No marriage will survive if the couple doesn't give each other a little breathing space now and again. He may just be needing a little time away from home.

So, is he cheating? Unless he admits to it, or you catch him in the act it's going to be fairly hard for you to determine with a few signs he is cheating. You could start with reading why is he cheating for some clues.

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