92% of men secretly crave this from their wives or girlfriends

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Living your Best Life, Single!

You're over 35 and single for the first time in years, this is definitely something that can be daunting and perhaps will be one of your life's greatest challenges.

You've gone over the tumultuous, emotional upheaval of the divorce, or perhaps mourned the death of your significant other and now your best friend has a friend of a friend who's just "perfect" or they're suggesting things from speed dating events, to going online to find your new mate.

The question to ask yourself is not whether you are seeking another serious relationship, but have you established a serious relationship filled with joy, happiness and fulfillment with yourself!


Applying Makeup For Every Occasion

We've all got people we want to impress, and unfortunately we can't do the same thing over and over; applying make up is something that needs to be done in a way that will end up with us pleasing a wide variety of people, not the least of which is ourselves! Applying makeup isn't that hard, but just like learning to draw or paint, learning the essentials is the absolute best way to start.

Concealer, the Foundation's Foundation

After you've washed your face well (MAC makeup has some truly wonderful products for this purpose) you'll want to think about concealer, before you even start putting on the foundation. Concealer is all important because it's really the part of your makeup that will hide blemishes and make those dark circles under your eyes go away. When we work hard and get stressed, our faces show it and concealer is our first line of defense. Your concealer should just be a shade or two lighter than your foundation and after it goes on, applying makeup over it is a breeze!


Is Permanent Eye Makeup Right for You?

Permanent make up has become quite popular, with many people finding the makeup routine difficult to deal with every day. There are various types of permanent make up, but permanent eye makeup is the most popular form. Whether you go all the way with permanent eye makeup, or you decide to go with semi permanent eye makeup, this is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Take the time to sit down and consider the advantages and disadvantages of permanent eye makeup before you make a final decision. Remember, one you have it, it can be very costly and difficult to get rid of it, so make a permanent eye make up decision carefully.

What is It?

Before you decide to have permanent eye makeup applied, you need to have a basic understanding of what it is. Permanent eye makeup cosmetics are basically a type of cosmetic that is imprinted into your skin, and is very similar to a tattoo. Pigments are added to your skin that will enhance your features, and some types of permanent eye makeup include permanent eye brows, permanent eye liner, and even permanent eye shadow.