92% of men secretly crave this from their wives or girlfriends

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The Truth About Positive Thinking In Your Relationship

Many people have told me that it is very difficult and quite a challenge to always be positive about what they are going through in their relationship.

It's too tiring!

Now, this is a general misconception about positive thinking.


The Law Of Attraction Is On Your Side In Romance

The Law Of Attraction Is On Your Side In Romance

Ever heard of the "law of attraction"? There are all kinds of self help books on this topic. The most popular is probably "The Secret".

The basic principle is that what you think about, you attract. The science behind this is that the universe is made up of energy and when we put energy into a thought, what we think of (energy sent out) will return to us (energy sent back).

So how can this law help you attract a particular type of person? It is simple really.


Want To Give Your Man A Thrilling Experience This Valentine's Day

Do you want to thrill your man this Valentine's Day? Why not give him the best sexual experience he's ever had?

Here's some ideas that you can use throughout the whole day to drive him wild. Use the ones that you are comfortable with.

Make a plan for the day ahead of time.

If your work schedule will permit it plan some activities that the two of you enjoy doing together. Doing something fun together is far better than either one or both of you coming home exhausted after a hard days work.

If he does have to work be prepared to give him a little time to unwind before expecting him to pay attention to you.

Men are visually stimulated

sexual turn on

It's in the generic makeup of men to get aroused by the sight of an attractive woman.

If you are going to be spending the day together be out of bed and looking your best before he get's up in the morning.