92% of men secretly crave this from their wives or girlfriends

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Habits That Can Make You Find The Right Love

Are you one of those men and women who have been single forever, or have been in an in- and- out of relationship since 1990? Well, this year is your year to stop all the tears and find the right love that suits you like a customized gloves. This is the year is your year of love and passion. There will be no more drama, no more hurt. This year would be like Valentine's Day whole year round. So, what are you going to do right to be able to find your Mr. or Ms. Right? Well, all you need to do is to stop your bad habits of making you miss the right love.

Then, do the ones that make you attract the love that you wanted your whole life.

Be with the right friends/ group. This goes without saying that you need to move away from friends that are not really doing your style and going against your good energy. Friends should define you, complement you, and give you that "glow. When you go with friends that go against your vibe, and keep you on your guard, it also keeps potential love away. This is so, because that sense of awkwardness and the negative energy from you for being with the wrong group of people manifests outside and repels true love.

Grow some standards. Know what you want and know what you value, and make this as the basis of your standards. But make sure that these are realistic standards. Having some standards means stopping your habits of one nightstands and hanging out with guys that only makes you feel bad about yourself. The more you spend your time with unworthy guys, the more you lose your chances of finding love.

Pamper yourself inside and out. This means giving yourself the importance it needs. From taking time to have that latest hair cut, to getting a massage and a manicure, to enrolling to the gym, to buying that favourite bag, to not allowing other people step on your toes. Stop selling yourself short. Value yourself by not allowing abuse and degradation pass by you. When you exude that aura that you don't take crap from other people, you will earn that respect and love you deserve.



My sister, Mrs. Clean, bleaches her ceiling, vacuums the driveway, and irons socks. Her house looks like a magazine cover. Mine looks like the county dump. Her floors are so clean you could eat off them. You can eat off mine too . . . if you're a dog.

I can relate to the Bible story of Mary and Martha. Martha must have been like my sister -- a conscientious perfectionist who took great pride in how she kept her home. She probably enjoyed the praise of all who knew her. Martha was the type who would never leave for church with her house looking like it had been ransacked.

Mary was more relaxed. When there was grain to grind, or if the dog tracked mud on the carpet, I'll bet Mary didn't stress over it. Chances are that she didn't mind fingerprints on the patio doors. Well, she didn't have carpeting or glass doors; but you get my point. Mary's priorities weren't like her sister's; and that made Martha resentful.


Sexual Strategies

Have you ever thought WHY men's and women's sexual strategies are so different?

  • Why men want sex and women want love?
  • Why there are NO books teaching women how to get one-night stands?
  • Why women complain about men not loving them enough - but refusing to make love?

If you've ever been frustrated with the opposite gender, I feel for you. I've been there, too. In fact, for nearly two decades of my life I was completely clueless on what was going on between men and women - with disastrous results.

Then I decided I'd had enough and I wanted to learn what the other gender was REALLY looking for and HOW one could master that. In short, I wanted to know what makes men and women tick.

This is what I learned and what every man and woman must know.

  • Our sexual strategies are deeply imprinted in our SUBCONSCIOUS.
  • We cannot CHANGE what is there.
  • We cannot CHOOSE whom we feel attracted to.
  • We just FEEL it.